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Prototype and Process Solutions

Bring us your toughest design and manufacturing challenge – our innovative solutions will exceed your expectations for compliance, quality and cost-savings.

With a relentless commitment to excellence, our engineers, production specialists and project managers deliver results that give customers total peace of mind. We are committed to quality at every step, with state-of-the-art medical component manufacturing processes, equipment and technologies that lead the industry. With three locations in the United States and Costa Rica, our experts are ready to develop solutions for your precision application.

Solution-Oriented Processes Get You To Market Faster.

Customer-focused and goal-oriented, OKAY Industries is more than an expert medical component manufacturing resource. Some of the world’s largest companies rely on us as a strategic partner. Our expert team will get you to market faster, with precision compliance and lower costs. 100% of our team is responsible for quality and empowered to ensure that we deliver components that help you improve health and save lives.

With multi-disciplined engineering teams and collaborative processes, we have solved some of the toughest design and projection challenges – delivering products others said were impossible. Our customized medical component manufacturing capabilities combine engineering, design for manufacturing, design for automation, robotics and integrated quality controls. OKAY’s diverse technologies and processes are designed for excellence, and our team is ready to collaborate with you to provide solutions for your specific medical component manufacturing project requirements.

OKAY offers dedicated prototyping process development services, with our NexTech Labs and LaserWorks Lab, which allow customers to come on-site and benefit from our resources. With capabilities that include precision stamping and machining, laser processing, laser tube cutting, blade and cutting instrument production as well as integrated Swiss turning and laser operations, we offer complete medical component manufacturing resources.

Our components are used in surgical instruments, implantables and life-saving devices. Quality is critical in everything we do, and our entire operation has been developed for compliance. With over 190,000 sq. ft. of medical component manufacturing excellence, OKAY Industries components are used in assemblies and subassemblies by the world’s leading OEMs.

OKAY’s expert team is recognized throughout the industry for expertise in medical component manufacturing, and we are ready to develop solutions focused on your goals. Schedule an appointment today. – We will review your design and project requirements and can create solutions for even the toughest medical component manufacturing challenges. For over 100 years customers have relied on OKAY Industries to design excellence and deliver solutions that are always Part of Something Greater.

Dedicated equipment, staff and resources that get you to market faster. Learn More.

Unrivaled Excellence, Focused On Your Goals.

Designed For Success

Our collaborative engineering, design for manufacturability and design for automation experts ensure precision medical component manufacturing.

Prototyping & Process Development Solutions

Dedicated spaces, staff and equipment that take you from concept to component faster and optimized for production.

Strategic Partnerships

Expertise and knowledge that provides much more than project management, our team will partner with you to exceed expectations.