NexTech Labs: LaserWorks

LaserWorks is our dedicated laser prototyping lab, with equipment, software and expertise that gets you to market faster.

LaserWorks allows you to collaborate with our experienced Laser Engineers to build prototypes, control costs and optimize manufacturability. With dedicated resources, LaserWorks puts the tools you need for rapid refinement of your critical medical device components at your service. We’ll create custom processes and solutions, developing laser processing and laser cutting prototypes that help you prepare for full-scale production.

The Tools And Expertise That Improve Results.

Our specialized Laser Process Engineers will collaborate with you, developing expert solutions in our LaserWorks Lab. With dedicated technologies and equipment, we can provide laser processing and laser cutting prototypes, creating custom solutions that help you streamline production, control costs and optimize the performance of your medical components.

OKAY LaserWorks is an interactive R&D laboratory that fuels collaboration and efficiency. Our experts work with you to develop innovative and cost-effective ways to take your medical components from design to manufacturing. With LaserWorks’ dedicated resources, you have all the tools you need right at hand, including:

  • Access to our fully equipped lab with laser cutting, welding, marking and surface treatment capabilities
  • Use of advanced, integrated design software
  • Design collaboration with OKAY engineers and production experts
  • Hands-on, quick turn prototyping for laser cutting and laser processing projects

Laser Prototyping that is Part of Something Greater

Our team is ready to with the resources, expertise and solutions for your project to be custom-designed to be Part of Something Greater. Schedule a time to visit NexTech Labs and we’ll provide the process development and prototype manufacturing for medical devices that will exceed your expectations for quality and excellence.

Contact us or schedule an appointment in our NexTech Labs and discover how our customer-focused collaboration will improve outcomes on your next project.