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Laser can be your
secret weapon.

We do more with lasers so you can do more with tubes. Okay helps you build innovative products with medical-grade quality and performance for virtually any application. Okay laser technology adds capabilities and functionality without higher costs or undue risk.

Here’s what we can do for you:

Laser Welding:
Okay laser welding is a precision process that delivers the appropriate aspect ratio to match your part’s geometry. By engineering the welding process to minimize heat, we create welds without warping or discoloring parts.

Laser Scribing and Surface Treatment:
Whether you’re scribing for functionality or aesthetics, Okay lasers hit the perfect depth and pattern you specify. Our lasers can polish or roughen any surface in preparation for the next manufacturing step. You get reliable, repeatable performance because every part is made using Okay’s validated process controls.

Laser Marking:
Laser marking produces smooth dark marks for device identification – from static visuals to serial numbers and 2D barcode symbology. Our flexible fiber marking systems easily handle a full range of shapes and geometries, from flat to spherical. From logos and graphics to part identification, we help you hit your mark.

Laser Dulling:
Metal manufacturing makes sharp edges. Okay laser dulling smoothens surfaces that are hazardous to handle, may damage other parts or make final products less appealing. Instead of manual methods that create particulate waste, add time and deliver inconsistent results, laser dulling consistently hones sharp edges to the precise shape and dullness.

Medical-Grade Laser Processing

Okay lasers are becoming manufacturing mainstays. We’re inventing and
integrating laser capabilities to help you improve both your product
manufacturing and your final product performance.

Our total-view laser engineering takes your manufacturing to the next
level. We look at the totality of your component and work with you to
determine how to integrate our full roster of laser capabilities for a
more streamlined path to a finished product. As stamping, machining
and assembly experts, we can go a step further and deliver a
more-complete component. From a single part to a complex
assembly, Okay is your single source for innovative thinking
and proven processes.


Okay lasers in action.
Okay lasers do it all – without compromise.
Laser advantages are saving our customers time and money every day, while
improving the quality and performance of their products. See for yourself how
Okay laser superiority can provide you with a competitive advantage on the
components and assemblies you need.