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Reduce time, cost and
process variation with
laser accuracy.

An unmatched combination of technology, equipment
and engineering expertise.

All tube cutting is not created equal.

Okay’s laser cutting is fast, precise and customized to your unique application. We can help you engineer the components you need with one low-cost process compared to other manufacturing methods.

Okay’s industry-leading engineers use our four- and six-axis equipment to deliver repeatable, high quality, super-tight-tolerance tube configurations that you’d be hard pressed to get anywhere else. Our experience and skill set can help create part geometries that simulate milled or wire EDM manufactured parts at a fraction of the cost.

Laser-Cut Tubing

Okay’s customized laser tube cutting equipment sets the standard
for clean, precise cuts to meet just about any specified tolerance.
For example, our laser path is just .0015 inches wide. This creates a
cutting advantage for sharp, accurate features and allows for more
intricate designs. Okay’s extremely narrow cut also reduces process
heat, virtually eliminating the discoloration and warping that can
occur with outdated technologies. And there’s no tool wear!



Laser-Cut Tubing Video

Turning application challenges into manufactured reality.
Today’s Okay laser cutting technology is light-years ahead of what you may have experienced from laser cutting in the past. We’ve modified machinery, engineered alternatives and invented processes to help our customers build components that work without compromise.

Bring us your toughest challenges and we’ll make them work for you.