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Engineering the
next generation of
leading products

Collaborating to Solve Complex Challenges & Optimize Manufacturability
Bring us a product challenge, and we’ll create a manufacturing solution that defies design boundaries and customizes processes – maximizing manufacturability and end-use performance. Okay Engineers don't just think about the part or assembly, we consider how it needs to perform, where it fits in your overall process and how our advanced laser processing, stamping and machining can be most efficient and effective.

Production Proven Prototyping™
With over 100 years of experience, we’ll help you get to market faster by building your prototypes with an experienced eye on manufacturability & a fast track to full-scale production.

Project Management
Our project management team is committed to developing long-term strategic partnerships. Customer-focused collaboration allows us to design innovative manufacturing processes that optimize manufacturability, minimize costs and enhance product performance.

The result? A collaborative engineering culture with the latest technology to help you design next-gen product solutions. Together, we will meet your target costs and exceed your customers’ demand for high-precision, tight tolerance products that perform flawlessly every time.

Collaborative Engineering and R&D Labs

We’re on the same team with the same goals.

Finding the right ways to envision, design, manufacture and verify
precision parts isn't easy. If it were, any company could do it.

Okay’s team of highly skilled Engineers in Design and Automation,
Mechanicals, Manufacturing, Electrical, Laser and Welding processes
work together with your Engineers to share ideas, imagine "what-ifs" and
discover improved manufacturing methods.

The result is a needs-based solution that helps you deliver
a more competitive end product.

Turning Ideas Into Reality With Okay LaserWorks

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Okay LaserWorks: A Customer-Interactive Laser Processing R&D Lab
Come in, sit down with Okay Engineers and create new products in real
time at Okay LaserWorks. This state-of-the-art R&D lab combines innovative
engineering and our advanced laser processing technologies to help you
design, prototype and test new product manufacturing ideas. We offer
sophisticated laser capabilities for cutting, welding and marking combined
with intricate surface treatments for passivation-resistant marking, high
contrast identification, anti-glare polishing, bead blasting replacement and
edge conditioning. Our resourceful laser engineers are committed to sharing
thought leadership from concept to solution. Give us the most complex
design challenge and we will help you find the best manufacturing design
and process to meet your needs.