Stamping and Machining Complex PartsAccu-LaserSwiss TubingLaser Cut TubingMedical-Grade Laser ProcessingAccu-Blade Surgical Cutting EdgesAutomated Assemblies and Value-Add OperationsCollaborative Engineering and Project Management

One pass with Okay’s Accu-LaserSwiss™ can complete all these operations, faster, more precisely and for less – without stopping, changing machines, re-registering or any human intervention.

Swiss Turning and
Laser Cutting in One
Single Operation –

Complex Tubes Like
You’ve Never Seen
Before. For Less.

Build the Products You Could Only Imagine Before

Now engineers can design and build products that weren’t practical or reliably manufactureable before. Okay’s Accu-LaserSwiss™ opens entirely new design paths with new manufacturing capabilities.

Ultra-precise and ultra-complex are now ultra-doable. As lasers and Swiss-turning work in unison, tubes take new shapes, undergo design transformations and deliver new functionality never available before.

What can you do that’s completely new?

What new products can you build? The only limit is your imagination. Okay’s engineering team is working with customers to apply LaserSwiss’ speed, accuracy and diverse functionality to overcome new engineering challenges and to improve on current manufacturing. Whether a stand-alone component or part of a subassembly, we can help you re-imagine solutions.

Accu-LaserSwiss™ Ultra-Complex Tube Cutting.

Innovation You Can’t Get Anywhere Else
Accu-LaserSwiss™ brings tube manufacturing to a new level of flexibility, speed and quality. Okay’s LaserSwiss fully integrates a six-axis precision CNC lathe with a fully enabled laser-cutting module. So you get two proven, reliable manufacturing methodologies in one simple process – without moving between machines, worrying about registration and duplicating effort.

Cut Time, Cost & Risk
As Accu-LaserSwiss™ turns and burns tubes, it dramatically cuts costs, reduces cycle time and lets you create features that would be impossible on a conventional Swissturn – including slots as narrow as .0015" and small holes with no “tool wear.” As
co-developer of this innovative laser machining process, Okay is
the only manufacturer offering it today.


Accu-LaserSwiss Video
See For Yourself
Okay is leveraging the power of Accu-LaserSwiss to produce new designs and improve the metrics on legacy products today. Click Play to learn how we can improve your products, production and profitability.