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Creating and Verifying
Sharpness and
that You Can
Bet Your Life On

A Proprietary Process
You Can't Get Anywhere Else

Okay engineers invented a new manufacturing/testing/verification process to build Accu-Blade components. We created new production machinery, sharpening technologies and automated testing equipment as an end-to-end customer solution. As a result, we can deliver better quality, more consistently and at a reasonable cost. That makes Accu-Blade advantages hard to duplicate anywhere in the world.

Accu-Blade® Surgical Cutting Edges

Accu-Blade® scissors, knives and cutting components deliver precise sharpness and consistent performance from a unique methodology that forms, sharpens and tests each cutting edge, resulting in low-load surgical cutting components that are verified to specifications.

Plus, you can deliver edges that require reduced cutting force in a superior-performance end product.

In-Use Improving Medical Procedures Around the World
Okay has delivered literally millions of shears, edges and other cutting components using Accu-Blade technology. Our customers rely on Accu-Blade edges for applications across the medical/surgical spectrum, including:
• Laparoscopic
• Endoscopic
• Arthroscopic
• Orthopedic
• Ophthalmic
• Other Custom Applications