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The most important
engineering process
is our thought

Our Engineers are your business partners. When you hand us a challenge, we view it as an opportunity to help your manufacturing process – maybe even accomplishing something that's never been done before. So our Engineers collaborate with each other, and with you. We don't just think about the part, we think about how it needs to perform, where it fits in your overall process, how to stamp or machine most efficiently and effectively, and how to fine-tune the production process to maximize quality.

The result? A one-stop, collaborative engineering culture that builds solutions your Engineers admire and your purchasing department appreciates. We employ proven procedures and techniques to track and manage your project from initial idea to final delivery. So you have the peace of mind that comes from logistics and systems supporting engineering excellence.

Collaborative Engineering and Project Management

Finding the right ways to envision, design, manufacture and verify precision parts
isn't easy. If it were, any company could do it. At Okay, we believe the ideal solution is developed with an end-to-end vision. From ideas and prototypes to production, quality control and shipping, we use an integrated team of Engineers and craftspeople that focuses on orchestrating every precise step into a superior solution.

Okay has more Engineers than you'd expect – Design and Automation Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Manufacturing Engineers, Electrical Engineers, and Welding Engineers. They work together, share ideas, imagine "what-ifs" and work to uncover improved manufacturing methods.

We're committed to a corporate culture that knows the thought process
behind a component is as important as the manufacturing process.
So you get a needs-based solution that helps you deliver
a more competitive end product.

We're always engineering new ways to solve problems – or prevent them before they happen. Every aspect of every component – from concept and design through tooling, production and finishing – is an opportunity to improve. Okay Engineers have designed countless processes, procedures and tools that you can't get anywhere else. Here's a sampling of the ideas we can put to work for you.

Production Proven Prototyping®
You get to market faster when your prototyping is built with an eye on manufacturability and on a fast track to full-scale production.
80% Stamping™
Okay's creative engineering and collaborative approach to new product development delivers an unmatched level of service we call "80% Stamping™". When Okay Engineers upgrade a product originally produced from conventional manufacturing methods, such as fully machined, investment cast or metal injected molded (MIM), into a metal stamping with secondary machining, you get the benefits of 80% Stamping.

80% Stamping's combined material savings from high-volume stamping and the benefits from machining save you time and money, while upgrading the quality of your final product. And that's a 100% valuable benefit.
Automated Assembly
Save time and overhead when Okay assembles parts into finished products, or sub-assemblies. We get it right the first time and deliver repeatable manufacturing every time – with the same tight tolerances and quality control as our stamping.
In-house Automation Design
With in-house automation, Okay Engineers can develop the perfect solution for your unique component or assembly. We see the challenge and we invent the right automated assembly solution. We have total control of the process and an entire engineering team concentrating on balancing speed, accuracy and quality on your job.